36-651/751: Advanced Statistical Computing

– Spring 2019, mini 3 (last updated January 24, 2019) all courses · refsmmat.com

A project-based advanced computing course intended for masters and PhD students in Statistics & Data Science, though all students with both strong computing skills and statistical interests are welcome.

Students are welcome to bring their own projects, or to select project ideas from a list I provide; check the project page for more information. Contact me if you’re not sure if your project idea is suitable, and we can work together to develop it.

Along with the projects and student presentations, the course will include introductory lectures to various advanced computing topics, such as parallel programming, databases, and distributed computing.

For full course details, consult the syllabus.

Vital information

TR 3–4:30pm, mini 3, Spring 2019
GHC 4215
Alex Reinhart
Office hours
Wed 12:30-1:30pm and Fri 1-2pm, and by appointment; BH 232K
Lecture notes
Posted regularly online
Computing resources
Department servers and Amazon Web Services; see details
Announcements and homework submission

Note: Masters and undergraduate students should enroll in 36-651, PhD students in 36-751. There’s no difference between the sections, just bureaucratic accounting.