Alex Reinhart – Updated August 5, 2017 notebooks ·

I finally gave in and started drinking it.

Current formula: AeroPress, ~190F water, add one scoop of coffee, fill to level 4, let sit about a minute, and plunge.

Coffees I’ve tried, favorites first:

Steel Cup Union Blend
“Medium dark”; lighter than Peets.
Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend
I like the dark roast with rich flavor without much bitterness.
Peet’s Colombia
Not as darkly roasted, but nice flavor without much bitterness. Pretty mild-mannered.
Grounds & Hounds Morning Walk
“Breakfast blend”, though not too dark. Decent.
Peet’s Los Cafeteros Blend
Steel Cup Black & Gold Blend
Medium roast, tending towards sour regardless of what I try.
Eight O’Clock Coffee Colombian Peaks
Medium roast, but for some reason I keep getting sour coffee with it; not sure if my method needs adaptation or the coffee is just bad.