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Soft drinks

Root beer:

Sprecher Hard Root Beer
Unpleasant aftertaste.
Indian Wells Brewing Special Reserve
Advertised as containing sarsaparilla, birch root, wintergreen, ginger, wild cherry bark, licorices, and cane sugar (no HFCS). Comes in a 22 oz bottle sealed with wax. Mild flavor – not very “root-beery”, whatever that means – with noticeable wintergreen. Not too creamy. The wintergreen note is nice, but could be toned down a bit in favor of more of the root beer flavor.
Not bad, but unremarkable. Not very creamy or rich.

Cream soda:

Very nice vanilla flavor.
Stubborn Soda Agave Vanilla Cream Soda
Mild-mannered, smooth, pleasant.
Red Ribbon Vanilla Cream Soda
Very creamy, very vanilla-y, with nice tang from the carbonation.

Other soft drinks:

Virgil’s Real Cola
The mutant offspring of cola and cream soda, with a lovely vanilla cream flavor mixed with cola. The vanilla mellows the flavor, so it’s less sharp and fizzy than normal cola. Great but very high sugar.


Angry Orchard
More beer-y than apple-y, but enjoyable.
A bit nicer flavor than Angry Orchard, but pretty similar.
Commonwealth Cider Traditional Dry
Not as dry as the name or lack of sugar content suggests – very nice apple flavor. Favorite so far.
Austin Eastciders Original
Dry and pleasant. I originally thought it had an off flavor, but rather enjoy it now.
Arsenal Cider House Rambo
Strong (8.5% ABV), nice apple flavor, somewhat dry, very pleasant.
Arsenal Cider House Pumpkin Cider
Nice spiced pumpkin flavor, semisweet.
Arsenal Cider House Alfred’s Pear
Semi-sweet, so not too dry, and the pear flavor isn’t too strong – you mostly get the cider tang.
McKenzie’s Seasonal Reserve
Spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, which are noticeable. Interesting spiced taste. Might taste good warm?
Jack’s Hard Cider
Dry and a bit like champagne, but with an unpleasant flavor not very reminiscent of apples.
Woodchuck Amber
Sweet, very much like apple juice, minimal tang or alcohol aftertaste. Perhaps too sweet.
Ace Joker
Dry like Commonwealth, but stronger (6.9% ABV), and somewhat less pleasant.


Irish creams:

Bailey’s Irish Cream
Mild, creamy, very pleasant. The standard.
Brown Jug Bourbon Cream
Stronger bourbon flavor, with a strong hint of maple flavor coming through. Also pleasant, if a touch strong.

Calvados (apple brandy):

Boulard Calvados VSOP


Mike’s Hard Lemonade
Tastes like alcoholic lemonade, but not too strong. Very refreshing.