36-707 Regression Analysis


Alex Reinhart


April 25, 2023


This site contains lecture notes and materials for 36-707 Regression Analysis, for Fall 2022. See the course website for more information.


These lecture notes owe a great deal to many people: to Valérie Ventura, who taught this course to me so I can teach it to others; to Ann Lee, with whom I co-taught an advanced undergraduate modeling course for three years and from whom I learned many things; to the Ph.D. students who put up with early versions of this course; to the History of Statistics reading group (Peter Elliott, Lee Richardson, Taylor Pospisil, Kevin Lin, and others), whose discussions informed my thinking about the goals of statistical modeling; and more broadly to my instructors, colleagues, and fellow Ph.D. students, who somehow turned me from a physicist to a statistician in just five years.